A close look at the Galapagos Islands: Iguanas

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The Galapagos Islands have a lot of unique animals, including various iguanas.  These guys are surprisingly large, but timid, unless they’re mad, then they spit.  Not just saliva, but salt water residue, and it’s more of a sneeze than a spit.  Gross.  I unfortunately didn’t witness this, but part of me wishes I did.  (To someone else of course, because like I said, gross.)  There were tons of different kinds, I am currently unaware of the specifics, I’ll have to look into that, but I do remember the Christmas Iguana.  You guessed it, because of the colors, and that’s this guy right below.

Have you been to the Galapagos?  What did you think of the wildlife?  Would you like to go?

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