Around New Zealand: Rocks

Before you decide to not look at this because rocks, just remember it’s New Zealand, the rocks are more photogenic there.  That being said, they also have a lot of them there ranging from pebbles, to stones, to boulders.  This is a collection of some of the more photogenic rocks of the South Island.

V2_MG_1748 (2)V2_MG_1741V2__MG_1757_MG_0887_MG_0881 (2)_MG_0872_MG_2776 (2)_MG_2909 (2)_MG_2912 (2)_MG_2977 (2)_MG_3009 (2)_MG_3008 (2)_MG_3015_MG_3010 (2)_MG_2813 (2)_MG_2837 (2)_MG_2928_MG_1392

See, rocks can be exciting!

Have you been to New Zealand?  Did you find the rocks particularly photogenic?  

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