Books! Books! Books!

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As a college student on a budget, I can’t always answer to the wanderlust when it calls.  BUT I did find a way to listen to it on a very regular basis.  Books!  Who knew there were so many great travel adventure books.

I got a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday about a month ago and read like nine books already.  I’m a reading machine!

I’ve been inspired by these books for adventures I’ve never even imagined.  Now I want to walk across the country,  live abroad long-term, learn Chinese (taking a class this fall!) ,and work at Disney World.

I’ve got a ways to go, being broke and all, but I’m working hard towards my dreams.  Reading is my way of working towards my goal, in a non-monetary way.  It keeps me inspired and takes me away for a short time.

I have become inspired and added a lot of things to my “To-Do” list for the future.  Books are the best way to get away for a bit, so, read on my friends, read on!

What are your favorite travel books?  Have you read any of these?

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