Central America: My first solo trip!

This is it, my first solo trip!  While it is against most people’s wishes, that I’ve told so far, I am doing it.  I will be spending an undetermined amount of time, on my own, in Central America starting January Seventh.  There is very little plan so far, other than the initial destination of Cancun, Mexico.

The only concern I really have is safety as a 22-year-old female thats never done anything like this before, but the advice I’ve seen everywhere is to have common sense and listen to it, which I think I’m fairly good at.  Even though my parents were reluctant, they have come around to accept that I will be going, and most likely on my own.

travel alone


After spending a couple days in Cancun, I will start to head down the Yucatan Peninsula stopping at beaches because those will not be in their prime in Wisconsin at this time, so a fantastic change, along with everything this region has to offer.  The plan is to then head to Guatemala for another period of undetermined time to see Lago De Atitlan, to visit the infamous Antigua, and to climb volcanos, and hopefully see lava, can’t a girl dream?



After Guatemala, pass through Honduras or El Salvador to spend another large chunk of time in Nicaragua then finish off in Costa Rica before heading home.  As a first time solo traveler, I have no idea what to expect and will be welcoming tips and any other valuable information up until, well, always I suppose! Let the planning begin!

Have you been to Central America?  What would you recommend seeing or doing?

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