Hiking at home: Menomonie

Today was beautiful here so me and my friend decided to do some adventuring. We found a trail in the woods off of the Red Cedar bike trail. We found this trail almost three years ago and finally went to explore it.

First this snake gave me a heart attack, actually right after I got terrified by a bird flying out of a bush. Some say bird, I say ghost pig. THEN I saw the snake which was pretty exciting.

We found base camp, whatever that was, near the top of the trail. It looked sort of like a mountain biking trail and this was the beginning.


There were a lot of little log and wood piece bridges like this. Some sturdier than others. There were quite a few jumps and things that were similar to this too.

I’ve got all kinds of adventure shoes that end up in all kinds of places and this was where we made it today.


This was the best part, a view of the river and part of the campus. The fall colors were super awesome and I could have probably wandered around here all day, if only I had water for the wander.

What are your favorite hiking places?

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