Sea lions of the Galapagos are friendly little guys

Ok, so maybe they’re not that little, but they are pretty friendly, or at least not very afraid of people.  Being friendly and not afraid of people are like the same thing, right?  Well, close enough at least.  They are also pretty adventurous, not only by getting surprisingly close to people, but hoppin’ on boats like it’s their day job.

Since they weren’t very fazed by people, we got pretty close to them and were able to get some interesting pictures of their furry selves, flippers, and feet.  Really though, their tail fins look a little bit like toes.  It was even a little creepy at first.  Looking past their toe fins, they’re pretty cute and friendly in their own sea lion way.



Have you been to the Galapagos Islands?  What do you think about the friendliness of animals here?

One thought on “Sea lions of the Galapagos are friendly little guys

  1. Sea lions are adorable creature. I love seeing them living peacefully in the wild than in the aquariums. I haven’t been to Galapagos but I had a close encounter with sea lions at the Underwater world. 🙂

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