Best Backdrops of Ecuador

Ok, so I said before that this deserved it’s own post.  I was kidding then, but I realized the backdrops of Ecuador are too good to skip over.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I mean, look at these, you can’t deny the fantastic-ness of the scenery.


This was one of our first “pull over and take some pictures” stops, outside of Quito, again.  There were so many places to see this from because of the valley that Quito happens to be in.  It is also an odd shape, Quito.  It is really long, but not very wide, as you can tell from this picture.  What is behind me is the entirety of the city’s width, which isn’t much, but the other direction makes up for it.


This was at the Cotopaxi Volcano park, thing.  As you can probably guess, it was pretty darn windy here.  Beautiful though.  There is a trail all the way around the lake that we hiked, but I could have done with about half of it.  It was also hard here because we were so high up again.


This is what I mean when I talk about stopping on the side of the road.  These are the views we couldn’t pass up.  Sometimes it was a lookout point, but not always.  That was easier to do in New Zealand, just pull over.  This was outside of Quito again, I think.  I’m not entirely sure, but wherever it was, it was pretty nice.


Outside of Riobamba again, probably just a different side of the view, which was this entirely, all the way around.


And more outside of Quito.  We spent more time around here than I realized, but, I mean, look at it, again.  It’s so great everywhere here!  That’s the best I can give with the Ecuadorian backdrop, just look at it!  And then go there to see it.  That’s probably the best solution here if I’m being honest.

best-6 best-7

What is your favorite pace in Ecuador?  Where would you recommend for a first time visitor or someone returning with an open agenda?

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