Franconia, an Afternoon Well Spent

It was a surprisingly warm November Friday and I happened to not have class.  The decision was practically made for me.  I was going on an adventure.  After about an hour Googling and Mapquesting, I finally settled on Franconia Sculpture Park.  I thought I was going alone then my roommate came home and without much convincing, we were on the road!  It was a little over an hours drive towards Franconia, just outside of Osceola, Wisconsin, but in Minnesota.










I took a sculpture class a couple years ago and loved it.  Sculpture is my favorite kind of art I think.  I love that they can be interactive.  That makes them even more exciting to me.  These were some of my favorite pieces, especially this little hairy squirrel and the opalescent triangles and the head with the veins, well, I really like them all!

Have you been to Franconia?  What is your favorite sculpture park or art museum?

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