Textures of Slovenia

Textures?  Why do we want to read about textures?  Because they’re foreign textures!  Just kidding, but really, when I was in Slovenia, I noticed myself noticing more details everywhere we went and all of the really cool textures ranging from walls to roads and doors to plants.  I have an artsy side, ok, most of me is the artsy side, which draws me in to the little things.  There was a lot of little things to notice in Slovenia and I took pictures of probably way more than I needed to, but hey, who doesn’t love a good photo?


I also realized, especially after choosing these photos, how prevalent green is.  Slovenia is a really green country, literally.  They’re even green two ways: environmentally (trees, grass, moss, etc.) and environmentally (recycling, low pollution, cleaning up litter, etc.)  Everything in Slovenia just seemed so photoworthy that it was hard to decide what to shoot and not wander off from the group.  This must just be another reason to go back someday.

Do you enjoy photography?  What is your favorite thing to photograph on the road or at home?  What would you want to see more of?

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