Waterfalls and Rainbows of New Zealand

If there is something in New Zealand that there is no shortage of, it is rainbows, oh, and waterfalls.  I don’t even know how many of either I saw in the two weeks I was there.  I just know it was a lot.  Good thing both of these are enjoyable to look at and usually brighten up a day, at least a little bit.

_MG_3077 (2)








_MG_2956 (2)

_MG_2964 (2)


The last three are the waterfall I climbed.  The water was direct from a glacier, so it was cold.  Very cold.  But it was definitely worth climbing up there.  I don’t like to pass up a good adventure.  This wasn’t a huge one, but now I can say I climbed a waterfall in New Zealand, can you?

Have you been to New Zealand?  Did you see a lot of rainbows and waterfalls?  Did you climb any of them?

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