Slovenia is Really Green

In case you’ve never been there, Slovenia is really green.  Like, really green.  Vineyards, mountains, and rolling hills make for some of the greenest surroundings I’ve found myself in so far.  I love color and tend to notice it, well, everywhere.  And green was the color of Slovenia.  Not only is a lot of the country green, but they are very environmentally aware kind of green too.  They even had a day where everybody just went out and picked up some trash.  Everyone is trying to make it a greener place by helping clean it up.  I think we could maybe learn a bit of a lesson here.  Eco-friendliness aside, here are some of the green landscapes, vines, and streets that I came across during my time in Slovenia?


What do you notice most while traveling?  Have you ever noticed a general color of someplace during or after any travels?

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