Slovenian Cemeteries, Rent Reminder

Cemeteries.  They can be kind of a downer subject.  But, let’s be real here for a second.  There is a certain appeal of foreign cemeteries.  There is just something about them that draws you in.  It can be really interesting, actually, to learn about death and processes or traditions relating to it.

In Slovenia, we went to two different cemeteries.  The first was a small one in a little village where we went to church too.  The second was in Ljubljana.  This one was actually a tour, with a guide and everything.  And we weren’t the only group either.  This is a little weird to me, touring a cemetery.  While it was a little weird, and maybe a little bit too long of a tour, we did do some learning.



The one thing I remember the most is that they have to pay monthly rent on the plot and must take care of it.  This includes decorations, grooming, general upkeep and cleaning, or they are kicked out.  Yup.  Kicked out of their spot at the cemetery.  This means they have really nice looking cemeteries.  I think everything was above ground, some smaller ones were just headstones, but a lot of the plots were very big.



Flowers, real ones, not fake (I saw maybe one fake flower in Slovenia, they are all real) and these little lanterns fill the cemeteries and surround the graves.  As weird as it feels to say, they have very attractive cemeteries.  Mostly because they have to be.



New Zealand has cemeteries similar to the US.  Headstones with a bouquet or something similar in front of it.  There is no regular upkeep required, but it is appreciated, like everywhere.  The headstones were very similar to here too, varying in size and looks.


_MG_3311 (2)


There was a lot more large foliage, like trees and bushes, here than flowers.  Most graves had flowers, lights, or something else at them, but, like home, there were some left unattended that weren’t quite as well taken care of.  There was still something about it that seemed more appealing than cemeteries back home.  It probably has something to do with the whole thing about being in a different country, but that’s too obvious.




My apologies for a bit of a darker post today, but it was a little dreary out weather wise here today.  It seemed fitting.

What do you think of foreign cemeteries?  What about the way Slovenian ones work?

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