Lupins of New Zealand

Here’s a little secret about me: I really don’t enjoy flower photography.  Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers and plants, I have like ten of them in my room, but I just don’t enjoy pictures of them that much.  However, when I was in New Zealand, there were Lupins EVERYWHERE.   They were impossible not to take pictures of.

One morning, we even made a special stop at a field of them.  I think they were even still dew-y.  That give floral photography a little more oomph at least.

_MG_1168 (2)


_MG_1660 (2)

_MG_1667 (2)


_MG_1656 (2)

_MG_1153 (2)

Even with my not quite indifference towards floral photography, I did enjoy playing around with macro a bit for these, and after all, it was a Nature and Landscape photography class that I was there for..

What is your favorite photography style?  Do you like flowers and pictures of them?

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