Exploring Isla Isabela In The Galapagos

It’s day two of our Galapagos tour and this time we’ve landed on Isla Isabela, the largest Island of the Galapagos.  The best part is though, all we did on the main island was eat and see flamingos.  Our time was actually spent on a little island off the shore where we did our snorkeling too (not by the sign, close though)!

We had a ‘tour’ of this little not Isabela Island, which was really just a path around the island, but our guide explained the wildlife, which there was an abundance of here.  And don’t let these pictures fool you.  It was hot here.  Like over 95 degrees.  It had to be.  It was hot.  Did I mention it was hot?  Because it was.  The focus of this day was the wildlife, mostly iguanas, even baby ones, and the occasional sea lion.  The sea lions do commandeer their own space though, like boats.  Especially boats.  Don’t mess with the sea lions.  They might steal your boat.IMG_0767











Tips for travelling in the Galapagos:

  • WEAR SUNSCREEN!  I got sooo burned here, not as bad as the Philippines, but it was still bad.  Even the back of my hands got burned, I’ve never seen that before.
  • Stay super hydrated.  This would be an awesome place for a Hydro Flask to keep water cold.  GRAYL would be good too if you don’t want to buy water bottles.  If you have a non-filtered water bottle, get gallon jugs to fill up your water bottle.
  • Don’t touch the wildlife.  Don’t galapagos-islandstravel-tipstake the wildlife home.
  • If you’re going between islands, they do bag checks, so if you reeeeeeally need that rock or seashell, hide it really well.  If they find it, they just give you a shameful look and take it.
  • Chacos would be perfect here.  They’re durable and can go in water.

Have you been to Isla Isabela?  What was your favorite part of it?

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