Brilliant Blues And Greens Of New Zealand

New Zealand is full of gems like this along, well, everywhere.  This is no secret.  But this was one of my favorite stops we made just on the side of the road.  There also happened to be a dead rabbit hanging on the fence.  Did that stop us?  Of course not!  It was just more reason for a bunch of photographers to stop.  We took our turns photographing the rabbit of course, then most of us hopped on over the fence and wandered around some more.  One side was forest, the other was mountains, mountains, and more mountains.  Did you know there’s a lot of mountains in New Zealand?  There are.  A lot.  _MG_1589 (2)

_MG_1596 (2)


_MG_1606 (2)


_MG_1610 (2)


_MG_1618 (2)


_MG_1599 (2)

_MG_1623 (2)

_MG_1626 (2)

What is your favorite thing about New Zealand?

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