Rock Piles of New Zealand

So I guess I have a thing for rocks.  I take a lot of pictures of them.  These are cairns and they are EVERYWHERE.  They are usually used to mark hiking trails, but not so much that I found here.  These are all over New Zealand near rivers and lakes.  It’s hard to go near water (with rocks instead of sand) and not see at least one of these.  After seeing them everywhere, you have to at least try to build your own, so I did, and let me tell you, it is not easy.  Finding flat(ish) rocks is actually pretty tough, but I managed.  It wasn’t a huge pile, but I was still pretty darn proud of it.

_MG_3015_MG_3011 (2)_MG_3010 (2)_MG_3008 (2)_MG_2909 (2)_MG_2912 (2)_MG_2916_MG_2993 (2)_MG_2995_MG_3007 (2)_MG_2890 (2)


Have you built one of these before?  Have you seen them anywhere?

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