My First Impression of Ecuador

I’ve already shared quite a bit of Ecuador, but it has all been specific things, so today I decided to share with you my first impression of Ecuador, Quito specifically.  This was our first full day since we arrived at night.  Our first stop was the little store down the road from our hotel for some bottled water, which let me tell you is good here.  Good as in good to have, not more delicious than any other water.  It’s hot here.  Water is good.

Our first actual stop though was the museum on the equator.  That’s right folks.  We were on the equator.  It’s hot on the equator.  Probably no hotter than the rest of Quito was, but we won’t worry about that.  The museum was outside and had little facts and tidbits about the equator and how it is different above and below it and on it, like water flushing different directions.  There were also experiments about that too.

The next stop was, briefly, the Cloud Factory.  I loved it there.  I could have hung out there all day.  I didn’t though.  Unfortunately.  Maybe another time.  I would love to go back to Ecuador.  The afternoon was then spent at the Basilica in Quito and wandering around the city.  I really enjoyed this day.  It was a relaxing first view.  By the end of the day though, we were all pretty worn out and ready to relax around the hotel to prepare for our journey to the Galapagos the next day!IMG_0047













Have you been to Ecuador?  What was your first impression?  Did you go to Quito?  What did you think of it?

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  1. Just back from Ecuador as well and I wish I had planned more time for exploration! Only got to see the Old Town part of Quito, which was beautiful, especially the churches.

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