Tell Me How You Really Feel

Takis are the best in all their spicy, delicious glory. Maybe tied for the best with Cappy cheese puffs and cheese balls. It’s a tough call.

Not having leg room for hours on end is not enjoyable at all, but at the same time, I enjoy being in cars for long periods of time.

I could happily drink Guatemalan coffee all day. My record is three in one day so far, it gets tiring reading all day, especially if you read in the sun.

Eating by myself isn’t actually that bad. It’s a good time to people watch and even meet new people, I’m talking to you English couple I met in Flores that I’ve seen everywhere since then.

I wish I had an endless supply of mojitos.

Tacos are delicious and cheap, especially down here, but a month and a half more of them? I don’t know about that.

Walking around for two whole days is actually not very fun. I thought I would be better at that sort of thing, but sometimes you just need a little company. I can only sit at cafés and read for so long and can only look at the same streets filled with the same people so many times in one day.

I wish I could actually understand Spanish and converse with people. That would have come in handy this morning when I actually left the main part of town. I should learn. A few lessons maybe?

Sometimes all I want is to see a familiar face. Getting to a new city can be intimidating. It actually almost always is. It’s comforting to see someone you’ve met, even if it’s only very briefly.

It’s totally acceptable to spend an entire day reading, especially in San Pedro. Finding a spot by the lake to sit for a few hours can be tough, but once you find that spot, you’ll never want to leave.

Traveling alone is really difficult if you’ve never done it. Sometimes all you need is a night in to not really do anything and chat back home. I’ve found reading is another good solution.

People really are friendly. If you’re having a bad day, there’s always somebody there to cheer you up.









What is your favorite part about traveling? Least favorite?

One thought on “Tell Me How You Really Feel

  1. Hi meg!! When i retire, i hope i’m as adventurous as you are…that is so funny, ’cause i only venture to wisconsin from minnesota. The weather has been nice and mild, so we’ve only closed school one day due to the cold. I’m sure you’re enjoying nice warm sunny days sipping coffee and people watching. Hope you meet a nice mature couple like uncle mike and i to share a cup of coffee with and chit chat!
    Love, aunt mary

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