Swimming Through Central America

It’s hard to avoid swimming when you travel, especially somewhere with so many opportunities, like Central America.  With everything from emerald pools to white sand beaches, it’s hard to say no, even if like me, you don’t enjoy water activities that much.

I would rather be on the water, like kayaking, than in the water, but in every country, I found myself in the water at some point, except Mexico, I think.  And for not liking water activities that much, I find myself drawn to beaches and lakes.  I love being around water and if I have a chance to get out on a kayak, I’ll probably take it.

I even tried paddle board on Little Corn Island.  I didn’t completely hate it, but it was just windy enough to make turning around very difficult for me.  I’ll still try it again, though.

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Best places for water lovers in Central America:

What is your favorite thing to do traveling?  Least favorite?  Which of these do you want to swim in?

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