It’s All in the Detail

If you haven’t noticed by now, I enjoy close-up shots and pictures of walls and the like.  The ground and doors are also included in this list.  If you went through my pictures, most of them would be of these things along with panoramas and a few of general views and landscapes.  I think there’s a lot to learn about a place from the details.  You can see the wear and tear of a place, get a feel for its history and appreciate it more.

I noticed a lot more detail in Slovenia than anywhere else, and for good reason.  It all looked really good.  Slovenia just looks really good in general.  If you haven’t been there, you should really consider it.  I know I’ll be back.  Another positive about Slovenia is the wine.  It is delicious.


Next time you go out, try looking around more, at the little things.  Believe it or not, it might actually be kind of cool.

Which is your favorite?  What is your favorite thing to photograph?

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