An Evening in Dunedin

Dunedin was the first and last stop of my time in New Zealand.  In the little time that I spend here, I enjoyed it, but didn’t see a whole lot, just another reason to go back I suppose!  After dinner our first night we were left on our own and a few of us decided to wander around a bit.

We went from our hotel to the black limestone train station.  This was probably six blocks, but it was four years ago so there is a high chance that’s wrong.  The point is, it wasn’t very far, but we were there for a photography class after all.  All of us, maybe five, had our cameras so this short walk took what had to have been three hours.

Thankfully it stays light later there in January so we had a little more wandering time.  Along the way we stopped at the Church of Otago (Otago is the region Dunedin is part of), the Cadbury factory (just for looks), and the main square of town (I think.)  These were some of the highlights of that evening._MG_0571


_MG_0719 (2)

_MG_0731 (2)

_MG_0733 (2)

_MG_0763 (2)



_MG_0795 (2)

Have you been to Dunedin?  Did you enjoy it?

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