New Zealand Up Close

Of the few thousand pictures I have of New Zealand, it’s hard to choose just a few to share at once.  This time it’s some close ups.  Close ups of the first couple days at least, plenty more to come later.  It’s no secret I love macro photography and close up shots, because I really do like them in case you actually didn’t know.  Since I was there for a nature photography class, that’s what most of them are, but we spent some time in smaller cities and towns which make for just as interesting pictures.

These are from my time in Dunedin, Geraldine, Invercargill, and at the Pancake Rocks._MG_1574


_MG_1803 (2)


_MG_1835 (2)

_MG_2776 (2)

_MG_3218 (2)

_MG_3336 (2)

Which is your favorite picture?  Have you been to New Zealand?

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