Steampunk in Oamaru

One of our stops in New Zealand was just for an afternoon in Oamaru, a small town on the south island.  The main thing there was a steampunk museum.  It was really dark inside, but kind of creepy and cool, so pictures didn’t really work there.  Outside was a small courtyard type area full of metal sculptures, old vehicles, and steampunk-y stuff.

There was plenty for us snap-happy photographers to keep us busy for at least an hour, but then our stomachs took over and it was time to eat.  I don’t remember what we had, just fish, and then got ice cream after.  It was the Gold Rush flavor, which was everywhere and I kind of miss it.  I’m not sure what it was though.  It was orange with crunch pieces in it.  super good.

_MG_0913 (2)





_MG_0962 (2)



Have you been to Oamaru?  What did you do there?

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