Parched at Arches

After three fairly long days in the car, half of it through corn fields and the other half through mountains, we were ready to be out of that car and into the mountains and stuff we just drove through.  We made it to Arches National Park a few hours before we expected so we headed straight there before finding our tipi for the night.

This being both of our first national parks, we weren’t all that sure of what to expect.  Turns out there is a lot more driving because these parks are just huge.  Also unexpected for some reason.  We made it around a couple corners and up a hill before our first stop at the Moab Fault, which really just looked down on where we came from.



We snapped a few pictures and continued on our merry way before shortly stopping again after a few more corners.  This was a bit more of a hike, but, still, we didn’t know how long.  This was a mile start to finish with a shuttle back, but we just turned around after maybe half of it.  It was pretty darn toasty out and we weren’t totally prepared for more than a few hundred feet, but we wandered on anyways.

It felt like we were walking into a movie or something with all the rocks, I mean, look at it!



After walking back through there, we hopped back into our scorching hot vehicle and kept driving through the park with a stop here and there for pictures.  We wanted to hike to delicate arch, but it was three miles round trip.  That was the start to our next morning.  Instead, we wandered through some rocks and sand to the oh so cleverly named Sandstone Arch.

It wasn’t too busy, but there were enough people to take turns running back and forth taking pictures under it for each other. I just can’t resist a typical tourist picture and they can be pretty fun sometimes.

This was the end of the road for us so we set off to find our lodging for the night which was glamping in a tipi! This was a surprise after we booked it, but I wasn’t opposed at all.  This was pretty rustic for both of us as we are not avid campers.  It was fun though and I would do it again for sure.



After an early morning start the next day, we got to the Delicate Arch starting point, a bit unprepared for what was in store for us.  Surprised still?  No?  Good, plenty more where that came from!  It didn’t start too bad, a couple relatively small hills, then the rock.  I don’t know if this rock has a name, but it is a darn steep rock that felt like it took at least three hours to walk up.  However, it was maybe actually half an hour.  In case this sounds confusing, it isn’t a rock that we climbed on, but part of the trail.  Most of the trail was made of this rock.  Next time, I would just bring more water.  I was pretty thirsty towards the end.  One average sized water bottle just didn’t cut it for me.

Was the hike worth it?  Heck yeah!  Would I do it again?  Probably.  Was the walk back any easier?  Eh, maybe a little.


Have you been to Arches?  What was your favorite thing there?  What did you think of it?

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