Cool Down at Bryce Canyon

After a hot start to the road trip, it go chilly, very quickly.  Bryce Canyon was the second stop, and a wet one at that.  The park is a 19 mile drive with a bunch of stops along the way.  It was a rainy start and I crossed my fingers for it to dry up a bit.  The rain wasn’t going to stop me though,so at every viewpoint, I hopped out and ran to the edge, immediately covered in goosebumps.  I snapped my pictures, ran back, and headed to the next view.

This is where it stopped raining for a brief moment, Agua Canyon.  Don’t be fooled though, there is no water in the Canyon as we were led to believe by the name.  Agua Canyon.  Dry Canyon would be better.  Water or not, it was still a pretty stellar view.  There was also a pack of ravens here, which, if you’ve never seen them, they are almost gigantic and slightly aggressive.  These are birds you do not want to rub the wrong way.  They’ll probably remember you and hunt you down for revenge, but I’m no bird expert, this is just a guess.




After Waterless Canyon, I hopped back in the car and continued the drive.  There weren’t many stops after that, but the drive was pretty enjoyable.  It was also fun looking around hoping to see a mountain lion or two.  Any wildlife would have been good, but no such luck was found that day.  The rain also started up again and it seemed colder every time I left the car.  Shorts were not a good choice that day.



Overall, Bryce Canyon was one of my favorite stops, along with Arches.  It may have been cold, but it was a pretty nice looking canyon.  I would like to go back and do more hiking there someday, hopefully when it is a bit warmer and more dry.

Have you been to Bryce Canyon?  What did you think of it?  Would you like to go there someday?

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