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I love reading.  It’s one of my favorite things.  I have a lot of those, don’t I?  In the last year, I’ve read a lot of travel books, most on my Kindle, but others as actual books.  I’m not one of those people that refuses to use digital books or carry regular books either.  I like both, alright!

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Here are some of my favorites from the last year.

Life on Foot: Walking Across America by Nate Damm

This was one of the first books I read on my Kindle and it made me want to walk a ridiculously long distance.  So, I made plans to.  I haven’t actually done it.  I probably won’t do it for a long time, but that’s alright with me.  Someday.

This book is about Nate’s decision to walk across the US by himself.  It covers the entire journey, his lessons along the way, as well as his adventures and encounters.  It was an enjoyable read and perfect for anyone, especially those interested in long walking adventures and travel in the US.


Backpacked: A Reluctant Trip Across Central America by Catherine Ryan Howard

I think this was actually the first book I read on my Kindle and I loved it.  It had me laughing out loud a lot.  It was also part of what made me decide to make my first trip to Central America.  I’ve even read it a couple more times and referenced it at some points on my trip.

It is about Catherine’s journey from working in Orlando to a trip with one of her best friends across Central America.  They have very different travel styles, but they made compromises and made the most of the time there, loving (almost) every minute of it.


Apologies to My Censor: The High and Low Adventures of a Foreigner in China by Mitch Moxley

I found this at a bookstore then ordered it on Amazon and was super excited for it to arrive.  Up to that point, and still, I haven’t read much about China or anywhere else in Asia really.  It gives perspective on expat life in China with stories from his time abroad.

Soon after arrival, given the nickname Mi Gao, which means Tall Rice, he starts to settle in to working life in China while still trying to be social and have a good time.  As the title says, there are some highs and lows, but it would be boring if it didn’t have both, right?

This is only a small portion of the books i have under my belt from the last year, but I will share more over time.  I know I like to find new adventure and travel books and want to share them with you too.

What are your favorite travel books?  Have you read any of these?  What did you think of them?

I’m trying something new, so there are affiliate links in this post.  If you buy anything through them, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.  It will help me continue my adventures and be able to share them here.

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