Around the World: Animals

Everything is different around the world.  The food, the landscapes, the people, and the animals.  I always get really excited to see new wildlife when I travel.  I mean deer, squirrels, turkeys, and rabbits are pretty exciting, buuuuut I need something a little more exotic every now and then.

Some places have more variety, of course.  Some are just like home, but smaller.  I’m talking to you tiny adorable Zion squirrels!  I’ve seen some before, but maybe it was the place that made them more exciting.  I’m not totally sure.V2_IMG_9466








v2_img_3278v2_img_1027v2_img_8886Hiking around string lakeProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetimg_8964v2_img_9152V2_IMG_9951V2_IMG_1032V2_IMG_9923V2_IMG_8498V2_IMG_8592V2_IMG_8509IMG_8165V2_IMG_1069V2_IMG_8302V2_IMG_1776

What is your favorite thing about traveling?  Do you enjoy wildlife?

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