A Place Somewhere: Colorado

It was my last day in Colorado and I didn’t know where I was going.  Not because I was lost, but I wasn’t driving and I know nothing about the geography of Colorado.  I was with my friend from college, I feel old writing that, and she was in charge of where we went.  I was just along for the ride.



“Tut tut, it looks like rain!” came to mind that day.  It was cloudy, a bit chilly, but nothing too terrible.  We drove around for a few hours making a few pit stops for food or pictures, went through a few small towns, and went up into the mountains a bit.

I think we ended up wandering around Allen Park, but I’m honestly not sure what it was actually called.  I liked it though.  There was a lake with a trail right around it then up in the trees and hills was another trail which was a bit hard to find at some points.



We didn’t go too far on it though, as I said before, tut tut!  It was already sprinkling a bit and we really didn’t want to get stuck in a downpour with cameras.  Might put a damper on things.

I enjoyed it here though and would like to go back for more hiking.  That was what I really liked about Colorado, there were tons of places to wander and hike. I love both of those things, very much.



Have you been to Allen Park, Colorado?  Is this it?  Which picture is your favorite?  Where else should I go in Colorado?

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