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The milestones just keep coming!  First, it was a year of blogging, then it was a year ago that I left for Slovenia, then its my 100th post!  (That’s this one)  Talk about exciting!  While I sit at home waiting for Taiwan, I am reading incessantly about everything related to Taiwan and the Philippines.

Today, I’m going to share 100 of my favorite things.  This is movies, books, cities, other blogs, food, songs, beverages, a little bit of everything.  I hope you’ve got a cup of coffee and a snack because there’s a lot ahead.


  1. Coffee.  Plain coffee.  Sugar and milk with a splash of coffee.  I love it.
  2. Scary movies, right along with Disney.
  3. The Strangers.
  4. Lemonade!  Mostly when it’s hot.
  5. Parakeets, they’re just so adorable!
  6. Where’d You Go, Bernadette.  So good.
  7. Halloween.  23 days!
  8. Christmas!  78 days!
  9. Countdowns.  Taiwan, 97 days!
  10. Even though I love coffee, sometimes I just prefer tea.
  11. Marina and the Diamonds
  12. Mini cupcakes, adorable and delicious.
  13. Guatemala.  Someday we’ll meet again.
  14. Packing cubes are a dream come true.
  15. Tostones, rice, and hot sauce.  I could have eaten that everyday in Nicaragua.
  16. And the street meat in Leon.
  17. Miley Cyrus.  Hate all you will, I enjoy her.
  18. Jade citrus mint tea.  Heavenly.
  19. Heart My Backpack.  I want to do what she does.
  20. Getting mail.
  21. Shampoo bars.  The Lush Jumping Juniper one smells delicious.
  22. Chapstick.
  23. Anything that smells like grapefruit.
  24. Wizard of Oz.  Who doesn’t like this?
  25. Postcrossing.
  26. Lake Bled, it would be hard not to love it.
  27. Wandering around in cities and the woods.  Just wandering.
  28. Coconut oil.  I’m pretty sure it’s actually magic.
  29. Cats.
  30. Sitting around coffee shops for a few too many hours at a time.
  31. Adventurous Kate
  32. Taking pictures.
  33. Listening to Christmas music year round.  I’m not even sorry.
  34. Planning trips.
  35. Naps.  I think everyone loves those.
  36. Painting my nails.
  37. Caves.  Even though they scare me.
  38. My Kindle.  I don’t have the fancy Wi-fi one, but I still love it.
  39. Coffee mugs.  It might actually be a problem how many I have.
  40. Biking.
  41. Sandwiches.
  42. Getting Stamped, also from Wisconsin!
  43. Utah.  I liked it more than I thought I would.
  44. Roasting marshmallows and not eating them.
  45. The Animal Crossing Google Chrome extension.
  46. Being in a hot air balloon.
  47. Cookies!  Making and eating.
  48. My dear, sweet Patrice.  (My laptop)
  49. Rain.
  50. Making lists.  See what I did here?
  51. Jeans.  I have a problem with this, too.  Halfway!  Give yourself a high five for making it this far. Speaking of..
  52. High fives!
  53. Monsters, Inc.
  54. Taylor Swift.  Have you seen her cat Meredith?  I suggest you look.
  55. Beaches.
  56. Wiener dogs.
  57. This Battered Suitcase.
  58. Habla Espanol.
  59. Pretending I’m good at sudoku.
  60. Pretty Little Liars.  Why do I even still watch!?
  61. Bobs Burgers.  Everyone needs to watch this.  I’m not even kidding.
  62. Penpals.
  63. Colorado, especially Voodoo Doughnuts.
  64. Driving.  Just, all of it.
  65. Croquet.  Does this count as a sport?
  66. Alex in Wanderland.  She is entertaining and takes cool pictures.
  67. Pretending like my hair is naturally this red.  Really, it is..
  68. Collecting seashells.  Any suggestions on what to do with them?
  69. Pinterest!
  70. My dear iPhone, that I still need to name!
  71. Bean bag chairs.
  72. Blowup chairs.  I need a new one.
  73. The Key to Midnight.
  74. Pretending I don’t speak English.
  75. Christmas movies.  Elf all year!
  76. Remembering my dreams.
  77. Roasted chickpeas. SO GOOD.
  78. Margaritas.  Los Cabos, I miss you.
  79. Wine in Slovenia.
  80. Longmire.
  81. 98 Degrees Christmas album.  Can you tell I like Christmas?
  82. Fortune cookies, well, opening them at least.
  83. Red lipstick.
  84. The first snowfall.
  85. And the first big snowstorm.  But that’s it.
  86. Toms!
  87. When the leaves change.
  88. When the leaves fall.
  89. Getting a new guidebook to look through.
  90. Goosebumps, the old show.
  91. Whole Foods.
  92. Young Adventuress.  Sassy and lives in New Zealand!
  93. Visiting friends.
  94. Volcanos.  In real life and on TV.
  95. Grilled cheese.
  96. Packing for trips, but not unpacking.  That’s not fun.
  97. Purple lipstick.
  98. The smell of coffee.
  99. Honeycrisp apples.  Tis the season!
  100. Finding cheap flights. That’s why I decided to go to the Philippines,  And Beach.

Well.  I’m impressed if you made it to the end.  I couldn’t even write it all at once.  Give yourself another high five for making it all the way!


Did you actually read it all?  What are your favorite things?  Still looking for Taiwan and Philippines suggestions!

I’m trying something new, so there are affiliate links in this post.  If you buy anything through them, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.  It will help me continue my adventures and be able to share them here.

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