American Reds

The Great American Southwest is extremely red.  I noticed this on our road trip this summer.  The soil and dirt and rocks are all just a lot more reddish orange.  I don’t think I’m qualified enough to explain why though.  I’m also not really sure.  I mean, in Colorado there’s the Red Rocks Amphitheater.  It even warns you how red it is.  I just didn’t really realize it would all look like that out west.  There were a few exceptions, but not too many.  So, this time, I present to you, the great American reds.








Which picture is your favorite?  Have you been anywhere here?

5 thoughts on “American Reds

  1. Love the pic just above the delicate arch. Is that also from Arches national park? I’m yet to visit Bryce canyons. Love the Southwest red lands. 😊

    1. It is! Its from the first stop by a trail, off to the right of the road in the park. I loved Arches! Bryce Canyon was pretty cool, but rainy when we were there, so we didn’t hike into it much.

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