My Favorite Blogs to Read : Part 1

Two years ago (woah, I feel old) I was sitting in my Structure of English class when I found Young Adventuress.  I think I spent most of the class reading all about her move to New Zealand.  I remember trying to Google whatever I thought I could to find other blogs that were similar.  It didn’t help much.

I’ve just stumbled over them over the years and now I follow way too many and read them pretty much all the time.  First my bookmarks bar was full.  Then I had four or five that didn’t fit and now there had to be about 25 that I’ve saved and read through on a fairly regular basis.

Some I lost and found again a year later.  Theres one I’m still looking for.  Although, I could have found it again, just after a site redesign.  Who knows.  But that one made me want to go to Myanmar.  Someday.  Instead, I’ll share with you the ones I do know and read all the time.

Young Adventuress of course!  She used to live in Spain, teaching, then moved to New Zealand, when I started following her.  She’s also been to Mongolia which I’ve developed a minor obsession with over the last year or so.  I think she is partly responsible for that, so thank you, Liz!  I followed her trip to Dubai on Snapchat, awesome.  Follow her.

Adventurous Kate was the one who inspired me to save all of the money I possibly could to travel.  No, it’s not that much, but it adds up.  Ive been following her for a couple years too, and she’s on Snapchat which is fun to follow!

This Battered Suitcase is based in London now, but still travels quite a bit.  It was fall and I was sitting at a corner table in Starbucks when I read everything I could by her about Latin America.  I think this is part of what got me to Central America.  And soon she’s going to Bhutan and I can’t wait to read about that!

The Vagablond doesn’t post anymore but I just sent you to the most recent post and I laugh every time I read it.  She’s pretty enjoyable to read.  The reason I want to go on the Transsiberian Railway?  This girl.

Alex In Wanderland has glorious photos in and out of water.  She’s also pretty entertaining in her writing.  And I just missed her, by like a day, in Nicaragua!  Terrible timing.  But, I still get to read about all the adventures and life in Thailand, so it’s alright!

The Mochilera Diaries also has really awesome pictures!  She happened to be in Nicaragua when I booked my ticket (or right after) so I got to follow along with that, which was fun.  A little preview!  She spent the summer in Europe and is back in Aisa and it’s all enjoyable to read.

Never Ending Footsteps is a walking disaster (her words, not mine) but these mishaps make for some pretty great stories.  She’s also been to Taiwan and loves themed restaurants and I can’t wait to go and try them.   She even has a book about all her misadventures, it’s a pretty good read!

Since there’s too many to list in one post, this is just part one.  These are the blogs I read regularly.  Just writing this, I”ve taken like four breaks to catch up on them.  Productivity at its finest, right?

(There is an affiliate link in here, I’m not trying to trick you)

Do you read any of these blogs?  What do you think of them?  Which other ones do you read?  

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