My Favorite Blogs to Read: Part 2

The list just keeps growing and I feel like I can’t leave any out for some reason.  I’m not really sure why.  This may be a longer series than expected.  So there’s plenty more where this came from!  But, for now, here is part two of all the blogs I like to read.

Be My Travel Muse is a great resource for Southeast Asia.  Like, really good.  She also went to Southern Africa which I’m super jealous of and can only hope to do right now. She has all kinds of helpful packing guides and guides in general.

Indiana Jo got me really excited about my time in Mexico.  Yeah, I was only there for a few days, but before I left I remember staying up way too late to read everything she wrote about it.  She also has a helpful post on the Philippines which also got me really excited.

That Backpacker has a really pretty site, which is a bonus to enjoyable content.  I really gravitate towards her Vietnam stuff, Southeast Asia really.  It’s just so pretty there and her pictures really help show it off!

Heart My Backpack I want to do what she does.  I have developed a bit of an obsession with Central Asia thanks to her and read those posts more than I should admit to, but just look at it!  She lives in Norway now, which according to every person ever, is also pretty photogenic.

I Am Aileen has a really pretty site too, like really pretty.  She is from the Philippines, which was exciting to find out and read about, and is currently in Europe.  In all of her posts she has little fun facts and tips about the country or subject she’s writing about.  It’s pretty helpful!

Paper Planes is pretty much an expert on Chang Mai.  She has been based there four three or four years living and working.  She also has really great pictures.  She explains how she funded her travels over the years which was really interesting to see how someone else did it.  I like reading those.

The Mellyboo Project has all things Africa.  She is now a travel agent in Canada and shares about that along with Africa and other little jaunts.  She accidentally took a 15 month break, but she’s back with all kinds of exciting things to share.

Helen in Wonderlust is all things Africa as well.  She primarily travels through Africa on her own, how cool is that?!  I want to do what she does someday, too because Africa just looks awesome.  Her stuff is just really enjoyable to read and they have great pictures with them.  Can’t beat that!

Do you read any of these blogs?  What do you think of them?  Which is your favorite?

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