Mountains of New Zealand

Woah, getting dark over here today.  Going down under to the mountains of New Zealand.  I have so many pictures of mountains from there, it’s definitely ridiculous.  I don’t even know what to do with them all.  It’s intimidating looking at them, there’s so many to go through!

So, I picked ones I already went through waaaaaay back when I got home from there.  I present to you, the way I saw the mountains three years ago.  Maybe I’ll do this again with how I see them now.  But first I have to face the mountain of mountain pictures.  Wish me luck.

big 3 way (2)big lake (2)bush valley (2)clouds (2)dark lordlong roadon my level (2)threeway (2)

Have you been to New Zealand?  Do you want to go?  

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