Mountains of New Zealand: Part 2

As I said I would go back through my pictures, I actually did, and in a timely manner at that.  I gave myself a pat on the back for that.  There’s not much to say here, just here are my new mountain pictures!

V2_MG_1272 (2)V2_MG_1276 (2)V2_MG_1298V2_MG_1426V2_MG_1429V2_MG_1461V2_MG_2246 (2)V2_MG_2276V2_MG_2287

Have you been to New Zealand?  Which picture is your favorite?

2 thoughts on “Mountains of New Zealand: Part 2

  1. I live here in NZ (moved from Europe) and it always blows my mind how some of the mountains just appear out of flat ground and disappear into the clouds. The volcanos on the north island are definitely my favs though the Remarkables in Queenstown are pretty badass!

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