2015 Roundup and Other Fun Things

Well, I decided to do a roundup of fun stats and things like how many flights I took and how many cities I visited!  It’s more than I thought!  I was actually pretty proud of myself, because after each trip, or as I was going, I wrote down all of the cities I went to, modes of transportation taken, bodies of water swam in, all that good stuff.  It made this a lot easier now, let me tell you!

So here it goes!

Countries visited (not including the US): 8

Cities visited (including the US): 49

Flights taken: 7

Bodies of water swam in:5

National parks visited: 5

Beds slept in: 41

Modes of transportation taken: 16


I think I did pretty good this year for being home the majority of the time.  I can only hope to do this good, if not better, this year.  I have big plans and it all starts in four days!

I know I’ll be visiting at least two new countries, hopefully seeing some new national parks, and maybe even living in a new state making all of that easier!  I know I’ll be taking more flights and trying new food, which I’m super excited for!  I’ll be visiting a new continent (Asia)  and trying to get over my dislike of water.

2016 is going to be a good year.


How was your 2015?  What are your plans for 2016?  


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