City Folks

In honor of being in large cities for the next few days (LA and Taipei) I’m sharing all kinds of city pictures.  I share a lot of nature, but were going more urban today.  Shaking things up!  Which is what I’m about to do for the next nine weeks in Taiwan and the Philippines!

IMG_2704Ljubljana, Slovenia

IMG_2689Ljubljana, Slovenia

v2_IMG_0800Riobamba, Ecuador

V2_IMG_2426Riobamba, Ecuador

V2_IMG_1678Quito, Ecuador

V2_IMG_1479Quito, Ecuador

V2_IMG_9723Albuquerque, New Mexico

IMG_0696Bled, Slovenia

V2_IMG_1934Antigua, Guatemala

v2_IMG_1845Antigua, Guatemala

V2_IMG_3339San Ignacio, Belize

Have you been to any of these places?  Do you want to?  Which ones?  Which picture is your favorite?  

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