Utah, I like it.

Update: After living in Utah for six months over a summer, and probably six more, I’ll keep updating this with more and more awesome pictures to make you want to visit Utah.

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I love Utah.  Almost as much as Guatemala.  Maybe even the same.  Utah is awesome.  It’s so different from home, I think that’s it.  I want to see more of Utah, in and out of parks.  I want to do that this summer.  All the things.  I want to try new things and see new places.

I think it’s time to explore more of the US.  I haven’t seen as much as I want to.  So I’m going to see more of it, one stop at a time.  Here’s to Utah.IMG_9305V2_IMG_9455V2_IMG_5399IMG_5349V2_IMG_5367IMG_2929Best hikes in Southern Utahimg_2877-1img_0261img_3444-1best of lake powellbest of zion national parkv2_img_9905v2_img_1575v2_img_1697v2_img_1251v2_img_1118v2_img_1071v2_img_0786v2_img_0898v2_img_0954v2_img_0884v2_img_0837V2_IMG_0515V2_IMG_0120V2_IMG_0159V2_IMG_0022

27-photos the-best-of

Have you been to Utah?  Did you like it?  Where did you go?  What would you recommend?

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  1. Great pics of arches.All the national parks in Utah – canyonlands, bryce and Zion. Moab area and the public library in Salt Lake City is worth a visit. Lovely building

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