It was my last day in Tokyo and the cat cafe was full.  I had an hour to waste and there happened to be an owl cafe a few blocks away.  Of course I had to go!  Forest of Owl: Akihabara was very different from Tori No Iru.  This actually looked like somewhere owls would live, but smaller.

There were a lot more owls and they moved around a lot more.  The Snow Owls really didn’t want to be there and this is where I can’t decide how I feel about these owl cafes.  They would try and fly, but were attached to the tree by a rope on their foot.

It just looked like they were going to get hurt, but I don’t really know.  And as soon as one tried to fly, they all did and there were like five of these.  That was always alarming when the wings started flapping.  It scared me every time.

And as long as you asked for help and had the oven mit on, you could hold one!  I think it’s only the smaller ones you can hold, but that definitely makes sense.  Once the oven mit is on, the girls working have you hold onto the rope, warn you that they might poop, and set it on your hand.  Voila!  You’re holding an owl!


an-afternoon-at-an experience-owls-up-close

Have you been to an owl cafe?  What did you think of it?  What do you think of animal cafes?  Do you want to go?