My Sort of Secret Beach in El Nido

It was my last day in El Nido and I wanted to go to Nacpan.  Two things were stopping me though.  One: the 900 peso tricycle fare.  Two: no one to split that with.  I was told I could get a ride there in the afternoon, but that ended up not working out.  I was left without a plan for the day.

The person I was supposed to go to Nacpan with said he could give me a ride to a closer beach then if I walked down farther and around some rocks there would be another one that would most likely be empty.


Sign me up!  I set off with a vague idea of where I needed to go.  Can you sense a theme here?  I didn’t usually know where I was going in the Philippines.  I made the most of it anyways and enjoyed the scenery and jammed out to some music along the walk.  It was like my own personal karaoke.

I felt a bit like an explorer, making my way through the jungle and down rocks.  I mean, I wasn’t because there was a clear path, but I really enjoy that sort of thing.  I’m not entirely sure if I made it to the beach he explained to me, but this one was empty and calling my name.  I put my stuff down, took some pictures, sang along to more music, and just hung out for a while.


Eventually another couple walked by on their way somewhere else.  They were the only other people I saw.  I didn’t stay too long because all I had was water and a Choco Mucho.  I was also a little afraid the water was going to go up over the rocks I had to cross to get there.  I didn’t want to get stranded.

I set out for home and it happened.  I was anticipating it.  My sandals were old.  One of them broke.  It was an awkward walk home with one shoe sort of falling off, but I made it.  Unfortunately my shoes did not.


So I never made it to Nacpan, but I got my own little beach for a couple of hours, which was fine by me.  At the time I was really bummed, but looking back I think ti worked out alright.  I’m sure Nacpan is actually pretty busy (obviously I don’t know, I wasn’t there), but I like to think it was too busy and that I didn’t miss out on much.



Have you been to Nacpan?  How was it?  What did I miss?  Have you been to El Nido?  What did you think of that?

5 thoughts on “My Sort of Secret Beach in El Nido

  1. Hi Megan, how are you? I was in El Nido in April 2016, I thought that it was very nice there. You said you didn’t make it to Nacpan, you must go there it’s glorious when the sun shines. There is a lot of tourists there now yes, I would prefer it if there were not too many other people. Great post though.

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