An Introduction to Taiwan’s Night Markets

The night markets are famous and they are also everywhere.  They vary in size and what they offer, but they are all quite the experience.  I went to quite a few, it’s what I did for dinner a lot because they’re so cheap and you can try all kinds of different things.

Some of the ones I went to were Shilin, the biggest in Taipei, Keelung, Ningxia, Snake Alley or Longshan, I’m not actually sure what that one was called, and one more in Kaoshiung.  Most of them were food centered, but some had games and trinkets as well.

Others had clothes, some had shrimping, and one was mainly for Chinese New Year (more on that coming soon!)  No matter what, though, they were always enjoyable to wander around.  Until you encountered stinky tofu.  That definitely makes my “Do Not Eat” list.

I think one of the reasons I enjoyed them so much is because, well food, and it was fun taking pictures at them.


Helpful things:

  • Bring small change.  Everything is between 30-70NTD.  It’s also a pain waiting forever to get change.
  • Try everything!  There is so much good food, try it all.
  • Go to as many night markets as you can.  They’re all different and cool in their own way.
  • These are a great dinner substitute for restaurants.  They’re cheap and you can try tons of stuff instead of one thing.  Make sure to go to a hot pot restaurant at least once, though.

a-photo-journey-2 an-introduction

Have you been to any of the night markets in Taiwan?  What do you think of them?  Do you want to go?  What is your favorite thing about them? 


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