Welcome to Bullfrog

I guess I should explain.  I think I briefly mentioned that I hoped I would be living in Utah for the summer.  SPOILER ALERT: I am.  I am temporarily based in the bustling metropolis of Bullfrog on Lake Powell in the middle of nowhere desert.  I’m at least three and a half hours from any real city.  Our Internet is just sort of there sometimes.  And it’s awesome.

We’re in Glen Canyon National Recreation area and everywhere around us is crazy canyons just waiting to be explored.  We’re just a few hours from all kinds of national and state parks.  Did I already mention it’s awesome?

This is just a brief introduction to where I am.  There’s plenty more to come and plenty more adventures to be had.  Stay tuned for more cool desert stuff.


Have you been to Bullfrog?  Or Lake Powell?  What do you think of it?  Do you want to go?

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