Badlands on Burr Trail

Well, it turns out Burr Trail is one of my favorite roads.  It starts just outside of Bullfrog, still in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and makes its way through part of Capitol Reef all the way to Boulder, Utah.  My first time on it, I didn’t know what it was even called, or where I really was.  Someone else was showing me around and I really enjoyed it.

This spot is right by the first Bullfrog campground that you come across.  Just park at the entrance to it and start wandering.  That’s really all I do out here, find something that looks interesting and start walking.

This was just the beginning, literally.  The beginning of the road and of the season.  I really enjoy this area, and just a little further away, by the other campground.  It reminds me of a desert version of the Badlands, which I really enjoyed.  This is definitely not my favorite place I’ve been out here, but it was enjoyable to spend a morning exploring it before work.

I stuck close to the road and didn’t climb much, but that was going to change and it was going to change very soon.  There’s plenty more adventures to come, like i said, it was just the beginning.  Dipping my toes in the water, as they say.

V2_IMG_0399v2_IMG_0405V2_IMG_0417V2_IMG_0418V2_IMG_0428V2_IMG_0423V2_IMG_0427HIKING ON BURR TRAIL

Have you been to Burr Trail?  What did you think of it?  What part is your favorite?

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