Wandering Washes: Welcome to Utah

A pretty solid amount of my wandering is done by following a wash.  That’s how I found this.  That’s how I found a lucrative watering hole.  It’s how we found a natural amphitheater with some kind of beachy area on top of a cliff.  I would highly recommend following a wash or two.  They are usually worth it.


This one in particular is by mile marker 14 on Highway 276.  It doesn’t start right by the road, though.  We wandered off onto the rocks and eventually made our way down a treacherous cliff.  Ok, it wasn’t a cliff, but it was treacherous and I almost din’t go down, but I’m glad I did.


We just wandered to the right of where we went down and would explore little offshoots to see where they went.  With only so much time because of work, we couldn’t stray too far from the main wash.  As usual, some climbing over boulders is necessary, but it wasn’t anything too tough.


Far too soon, it was time to go.  It was also getting super hot and I was running low on water, so I wasn’t horribly upset about heading back.  Up we climbed, much easier than the way down, and we were greeted with some pretty ominous clouds over the mountains, one of my favorite things.



Have you been to Utah?  What is your favorite thing about it?

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