The Watering Hole

Bullfrog, Utah is right on the shores of northern Lake Powell with the Henry Mountains making for a nice scenic backdrop.  Along Highway 276, the only road in and out, is a little closed down BBQ shop with a road leading away from it.


Like most places around here, I parked and started wandering down the road looking for who knows what.  I happened upon some land that cows live on and along the road I found one of the elusive watering holes that I had (not really) been searching for for months!  Ok, so I wasn’t really searching, but I was more excited to find this than I should have been.


I veered off the road and made my way around the upper edge of the watering hole, eventually leading down into a wash, making it super easy to find my way back out.  I meandered along the wash until I came to a fence at the foothills of Mount Ellsworth, one of the Henrys.  I tried going up a little bit, but I wasn’t quite as daring as I became and didn’t want to get stuck in the middle since I was alone.


I wandered through juniper trees and sagebrush, in and out of the wash, for a couple of hours before work and would love to explore more of this area.  It’s a refreshing little mountain area close to what was temporarily home.  It’s also got a pretty great view of the area leading up to the lake shores.


Have you been to Bullfrog?  What do you think of it?  Do you want to go?  

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