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So, last year I shared a zillion blogs I love reading.  Now I’m going to share an updated list of new ones.  I may include a few YouTubers in here as well.  Grab a cup of coffee and sit tight.  This may be a long list, and you may get lost in a blackhole of blogs.

The Restless Worker – She shares travel things along with blogging things, but her main point is that you can have a full time job and still travel a lot.  She gets three weeks of vacation, uses it all, and wants to help you do the same.

Along Dusty Roads – Everything you could want to know about Latin America.  This couple traveled from Mexico down through Central and South America over two years and I am incredibly jealous.  Their pictures are fantastic and the whole website layout is very cool.

Mr. Ben Brown – Heres the first YouTuber of the list.  He does daily Vlogs of everyday life and crazy adventures.  The Visual Vibes videos are my favorites, along with the Arctic series.  He usually goes between South Africa and London, but spends time allover the place.

Nicole Eddy – Nicole happens to Mr. Ben Browns girlfriend and fellow blogger/vlogger.  She doesn’t post quite as frequently, but her writing, photography, and videos are phenomenal and I check back for new things a lot.

Hey Nadine – I’ve been following Nadine for a few years now and really enjoy her videos.  She’s quirky, which I think makes her videos that much more fun.  I love her videos about Argentina and Chile, as well as Beijing.

Hecktic Travels – I’ve read everything I could from them on Greenland and the Faroe Islands.  Their pictures are wonderful, and they are a great resource for tons of destinations with all kinds of helpful information.

The Sweetest Way – Previously Mochilera Diaries, Leah has rebranded and now focuses on being a digital nomad and location independent, while still sharing travel experiences.  Her posts are incredibly helpful and have some of my favorite pictures.

Tess Christine – Tess Christine is a style vlogger and happens to be from where I’m from.  She has occasional travel vlogs, but focuses on fashion and beauty, which can be a refreshing break from everything I usually watch.

Ever Blossom – Ever Blossom focuses on natural, healthy living with DIY beauty recipes and tips on living a healthier life.  This is also a nice change from all the travel things I read.  I also learned new ways to use coffee here, which I love, so that’s a plus.

LaurDIY – I discovered LaurDIY a couple days ago and have watched like, everything now.  It started with a video of her trying viral DIYs, which was hilarious, and made me want to make everything.  If you like DIY and crafty stuff, I would check out her channel.

It’s Grace – Grace is probably my favorite You Tuber.  She.  Is.  Hilarious.  I check back for new videos on a regular basis and watched pretty much all of her old ones.  My favorites are collaborations with Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart, which are probably my other favorite YouTubers.

Ok, so this list is almost more vloggers than bloggers, but hey, it’s all enjoyable.

Who are your favorite bloggers and vloggers?

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