Searching for Petroglyphs in Capitol Reef

I’ve driven through Capitol Reef quite a few times and always saw the signs for the petroglyphs, but never stopped.  This time I had to.  I couldn’t keep passing it.  I hadn’t even seen petroglyphs yet and it was September already.  There is a parking lot with a boardwalk along the canyon wall with all of the petroglyphs on it.


It felt a little bit like Where’s Waldo trying to find them.  The first set had one of those binocular things that are usually at big monuments and things, like the Empire State Building to look down.  I’m not even sure if those are at the Empire State Building, but we’re pretending they are for this.  It was a lot easier to see them with those, but once you knew where they were, they’re pretty obvious.


Those were the easiest to see.  The rest were a lot more faint and a little hidden close to cracks and in corners.  Part of the boardwalk was closed from some trees falling so we didn’t get to see all of them, but it was still pretty cool.

capitol-reef-1 what-not-to-miss

Have you been to Capitol Reef?  Did you see the petroglyphs?  Have you seen petroglyphs in other places?  

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