Capitol Gorge and the Goosenecks of Capitol Reef

I’m on a bit of a Capitol Reef spree right now.  I’ve seen my fair share of it, but have plenty left that I haven’t seen.

At the end of the scenic drive, the road turns to dirt and you are now in Capitol Gorge.  The road is in pretty good condition and you should be able to drive it in any car.  My Smart car made it, but if it’s rainy you may not even be able to get to it due to the numerous washes running over the road.


The gorge has towering varnish covered walls.  Even after seeing this kind of thing all summer it was still extremely cool and impressive.  I’m not sure how long the road is because we had to turn back for cinnamon rolls.  The clock was ticking and priorities.  I mean come on, cinnamon rolls!  Ok, they might be more exciting when you’ve been living in the middle of nowhere for months.


Our last stop that day was off the scenic road and almost at the far entrance.  The Goosenecks.  I was never really sure what that would be when I saw the signs, but we decided to stop at the last minute.  The hike is more of a very short walk, but very worth the stop.

This time instead of the walls towering over you, you are looking down into the canyon at the goosenecks formed by the river far below.  There wasn’t much of a river when we were there, though.  As you’re walking up to it, it’s impossible to tell how deep the canyon really is until you’re almost at the edge.  It’s crazy.  I’d say it’s a good way to spend a half hour if you’ve got one to spare.

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Have you been to Capitol Reef?  Did you see Capitol Gorge or the Goosenecks?  What did you think of them?

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