Last Minute Gift Guide for Travelers that aren’t Traveling Right Now

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What a mouthful that title was.  I like to consider myself a traveler, I mean, I do it a lot, but I wouldn’t say I am at the moment.  No, I’m not at home, but I guess I’m not really traveling either.  I’m working in Wyoming for the winter, living and traveling around here as much as the weather and funds will allow.

I’m also really bad at buying presents for, well, anyone.  And I wasn’t really suer what I wanted since I usually ask for things I’ll need on a trip.  I decided to make this last minute gift guide for travelers that aren’t traveling right now to hopefully help you out.  Let’s get started, shall we?

I would start this off with a book.  The National Geographic Guide to the National Parks is great for anyone living in the US that wants to go to National Parks or anyone thinking of visiting the US to go on a road trip or something.  I got it this summer and use it quite a bit to get an idea of hikes and camping at parks I’ll be visiting.

What?!  Another book?!  Ha, who’s actually surprised by that?  The World, the Lonely Planet guidebook, is something I’ve wanted myself for years.  It’s great to get the must-see’s of new countries, and it can help you decide where you want to go next.

This Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 set with a Grape colored camera, twin pack of film, batteries and a charger, and a carrying case.  Or you can just go for the camera and film.  These are fun no matter where you are.  Take pictures on trips around home, with your friends, bring it on future trips, the possibilities are endless!  Not much is more fun than an instant picture.  Maybe.

These might not seem as fun, but trust me, they’re wonderful.  Turkish towels.  I got one last year for my trip to Taiwan and loved it.  It’s giant, but thin, so it doesn’t take up that much room.  It’s soft and works really well for, well, drying off.  I can use one for my hair and the rest of me, but two would be easier.

A portable charger, because who doesn’t have a thousand things to charge all the time no matter where they are?  That’s the one I have, but an older version, and it works really and is perfect for people that are outdoors a lot.  It is rubbery on the outside so it won’t be destroyed immediately if it is dropped.  Mine is 6000 mAh, but this one is 15,000 mAh and this one is 50,000 mAh and you can charge multiple things at once and you can charge a phone up to 15 time on one charge!  If heavy duty durability isn’t important, I would get one of the other ones.  They charge faster and would be easier to bring with you.

A Kindle Paperwhite because these are the best things ever.  I can read it in the sun.  I can read it in the dark.  It holds tons of books, I have almost 200 on mine.  It’s pretty durable, but I won’t make any promises on this.  I’ve dropped mine more than I should have and it’s still going strong.  I’ve never had a case for mine, but here are some nice colored ones, and Etsy has tons, too.

These Minnetonka slippers.  I love these.  I wear them all the time around home and my feet are always nice and toasty.  If I go anywhere around the US, I probably bring these with for in the hotels in the evening.

A Hydroflask Insulated Waterbottle.  I just got one of these and I have it with me no matter where I’m going.  I have the 40 oz bottle and it’s wonderful.  I can’t wait to use it in the desert again.  It’s wonderful because it keeps things icy cold all day and usually overnight.  It also keeps hot things, well, hot all day, too.  It’s a little heavy when full, but worth it.  Plus, then they wouldn’t have to buy all kinds of plastic water bottles.

A bluetooth speaker.  Perfect for at home or on the road.  You can liven up all kinds of situations with these.  This is the JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof.  The sound is good, and BONUS it has a USB port so you can charge your phone or whatever on it.

A GoPro.  This is another thing I’ve wanted forever, but haven’t taken the plunge yet.  These would be perfect for outdoorsy people and hikers.  You can take awesome pictures and videos and they’re super easy to carry around.  Make sure it’s charged before you go out and use it.  Here are the basic accessories, but there are a ton more that you can get depending on how you want to use it.

If they’re like me and go through chapstick like it’s their job, this Burt’s Bees holiday set is wonderful.  I got a couple of these last year and love them way more than the original mint.  The grapefruit is my absolute favorite, but I also love this tropical pack with mango, grapefruit, coconut, and pomegranate.

And for the ladies, especially, but anyone really, coconut oil.  Organic, virgin, cold pressed is best.  This can be used for all kinds of stuff.  You can wash your face with it, counterintuitive, I know, but that doesn’t work for everyone (like me), it can take makeup off, it can hydrate your hair, and it can be used after you shower to hydrate your skin.  It’s also good to moisturize sunburns.

I hope this helps you fellow last minute shoppers.  Yeah, there’s still over 20 days until Christmas, but I have plenty of shopping left to do, too.


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