People on the Beach

I think the Philippines has the best beaches.  And I think it’s hard to argue against that.  I’m open to other suggestions, though.  I love a good picture of an empty beach, but I also like to get people in them, too.  Sometimes to show scale and sometimes just to see the lives of other people.  Here’s some people doing stuff on the beach.


The best beaches of the Philippines (that I saw) in no particularr order:

  • Bantayan – Sugar
  • Malapascua – Bounty is the main, but they are all wonderful
  • Palawan – Las Cabanas
  • Palawan – Port Barton
  • Palawan – Seven Commandos (part of Tour C, so it’s busy, but it’s nice)
  • Honorary mention – Boracay because it’s so legendary

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Have you been to the Philippines?  Did you go to any of these beaches?  What did you think of them?  What is your favorite beach in the Philippines?

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