What’s New on the Blog

I’ve been working on a lot of updates around here and I just wanted to let you all know what’s different.

Obviously, I’m posting a lot more.  I finally have good enough Internet to catch up on the summer.  You get to hear all about Utah, Wyoming, Florida, and Arkansas.  Ill be going back and adding a lot more helpful things to old posts as well as making new posts, hopefully some city guides, and things like that.  I want what I’m doing to be able to help you if you want to do these things.

The Where I’ve Been page looks way better.  I’m going for more of a visual thing on here now.  It’s still sorted by region, but I have individual states listed and nothing for the US in general.

I’ve updated the Things I Love page, too!  I got rid of some things and added a lot of new things that I’ve started using over the last year or so.  I’ll keep updating this as I find new things and all that.

My Follow Me! page also looks much better.  I added pictures to that as well and they all happen to match.  So cohesive now.

This isn’t necessarily on the actual blog, but I’ve become more active on Pinterest.  I started sharing my own posts, which I never used to do.  I’ve also been pinning a lot more about blogging and freelance writing and how to be more location independent.  That would be ideal someday.

I’ve also gotten into more of a routine on Instagram.  Exciting, I know.  I try to post three times a day, but that can depend on what I’m doing or where I am.  Sometimes I do give myself days off if I just don’t feel like doing Internet things that day.

That’s all for now.  I’ve got stuff that I’m working on outside of the Internet, but those are a secret for now.  I need to make sure I can get things going first.  I hope you follow along.

What would you like to see more or less of?  What is your favorite thing to read?  Tell me all the things!

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